Tele2 Optical Channel – High bandwidth WDM Wavelength services

Tele2 Optical Channel provides a high-speed, transparent wavelength services that enables you to create your own optical layer network. We can provide you with unprotected or protected services from 1Gbps to 100Gbps over our advanced carrier-class DWDM network or in conjunction with partner networks.

• Active Optic Channel: Tele2 provides an active service where all active equipment involved is managed by Tele2 and a standard optical interface is used for delivery towards the customer. Enables long-haul wavelengths over hundreds or thousands of kilometers.

• Passive Optic Channel: Tele2 provides a passive optical channel through our network. The customer lights up this passive WDM channel with own WDM capable equipment. Typically used in metropolitan applications or other short-haul scenarios.

Hassle-free communication

Tele2 takes care of the transport of your data in our high-speed DWDM network. You and your customers can enjoy high-capacity worry-free communication between locations without the need for active long-haul optical equipment.

Flexible technology choice

Tele2 offers Ethernet wavelengths over 1GE, 10GE, 40GE and 100GE interfaces with 10GE services available as LAN or WAN PHY.
SDH and SONET are also available at 2.5Gbps (STM-16 / OC-64), 10Gbps (STM-64 / OC-192) and 40Gbps (STM-256 / OC-768).

Optical Channel – for download (pdf)