IP Transit – high quality Internet connectivity

Whether you are a content delivery network, a carrier or large enterprise, our IP Transit solution provide the reliability, scalability and performance that your business demands. With a network footprint covering the major locations in Europe and North America, Tele2 not only makes it easy to connect with us but also ensures, through direct connectivity with all the major Internet carriers, that the most efficient and low latency routes are used to guarantee packet delivery and no extra delay.

In addition to an extensive international footprint, national networks in Sweden, Austria, the Netherlands, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway and Germany enable multiple local delivery points to reduce the load on your backbone. Tele2’s international IP backbone is built on carrier-class routing platforms from industry leaders Cisco Systems and Juniper Networks. We offer one of the most advanced BGP community control systems in the market allowing complete control of your BGP announcement to the world.

Started in 1991, then under the brand SWIPnet (Swedish IP Network), Tele2 was the first commercial Internet carrier in Sweden. With more than 20 years of experience, we know how to build and operate a top quality and efficient IP network.

Always IPv6

Tele2 has a strong history in technological pioneering and IPv6 is no exception. In 1999 we connected to the 6BONE and we have provided IPv6 connectivity to customers since 2001. Today our IP Transit service comes with dual-stack IPv4 and IPv6 to ensure that you are ready for the next generation of IP connectivity.

Guaranteed performance

Tele2 utilizes an advanced dual-plane architecture between major PoPs to guarantee packet delivery and minimize latency even in failure situations. Connectivity to important North Americans destinations is ensured through a resilient trans-Atlantic setup involving multiple submarine cable systems and efficient load-balancing.

Why choose IP transit from Tele2?

Resilient and Reliable Network

All PoPs are redundantly connected with rigorous demands on fiber diversity. Rapid convergence through IP & MPLS FRR (Fast Re-Route) guarantees minimal disruption during fiber or equipment failure. In our long-haul network, a dual-plane architecture between major PoPs guarantee packet delivery and minimal latency even in failure situations.

Guaranteed Performance

Tele2 guarantees the performance of our network and the services delivered through a stringent Service Level Agreement (SLA). Our capacity planning team closely monitors all parts of network and works proactively to upgrade links well in advance of any congestion issues. Our NOC monitors our network 24 hours a days, 365 days a year (24/7/365) and responds quickly to any potential situations.

Flexible Bandwidth Options

Tele2 offers a range of capacity and billing options, including flat rate, tiered and burstable services. Capacity can be upgraded or downgraded on demand to accommodate shifting demands. In addition, burstable services can be aggregated over multiple ports so that a committed data rate is shared across all ports ensuring a cost effective relationship between actual bandwidth usage and reserved capacity. Delivering IP transit over multiple geographically diverse ports can considerably reduce the load on your own network.

Advanced Routing Control

Tele2 offers one of the most advanced BGP community control systems in the industry providing customers with complete control over their announcement.

IP Transit – for download (pdf)