Tele2 Dark Fiber Service – Freedom of choice.


Tele2 Dark Fiber Service offers the fundamental infrastructure building block that enables you to design your own high capacity optical network within Sweden. Our network provides both nation-wide fiber suitable for building a long-haul network, and dense metro fiber for high capacity access networks.


Tele2 provides the fiber infrastructure, the operation and maintenance of the fiber, as well as colocation in our amplifier sites. For organizations that need major bandwidth, dark fiber provides the flexibility and control to shape every aspect of your network.


Tele2 Dark Fiber Service is offered on short, medium or long-term leases according to wish, as well as on IRU (Indefeasible Rights of Use) terms.
– Minimize your investment by leveraging on Tele2’s existing infrastructure
– 67000 km of nationwide G.652 fiber for interconnecting cities
– 2500 km of metro fiber for building access
– Existing asset base accelerates delivery timeline by reducing construction
– Multiple financing options through short, medium and long-term leases or IRU


Why choose Dark Fiber service from Tele2?

Extensive Reach

Tele2’s fiber assets cover the majority of cities in Sweden and through our partnerships we can deliver one of the most extensive fiber footprints in the country.

Resilient and reliable network

Multiple fiber routes give you flexibility in planning your fiber network.

Proven Field Engineering

Unlike many in the industry, Tele2 employs own field engineering personnel that help us lower lead times and increase quality of deliveries.

Service alternatives

Dark fiber is a physical asset and while Tele2’s Dark Fiber service extends the fiber asset with operation and maintenance services, operating a fiber network still requires expert personnel and potentially large investments. Consider Tele2 Wavelength services if you are looking for high-speed, transparent transport services with a lower investment requirement.


Darkfibre Tele2 Wholesale – for download (pdf)


Easy Fibre

Thanks to a unique collaboration between the network owners SkåNet, Tele2 Wholesale, AC-Net, IT Norrbotten, Triangelbolaget and Global Connect, we can provide an entire north to south and east to west coverage city networks included therin.


Triangelbolaget is a company co-owned by Vattenfall, Svenska Kraftnät, Fortum and Tele2. Together we connect the three largest cities in Sweden: Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmo.